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11 July 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Setting aside my current slog through Paradise Lost.

And my procrastination-fueled preparation for a thing that's a year away and not confirmed yet in any case.

And the actual work I did do on the procrastinate-y thing.

No, today I will focus on the exercise in frustration that is trying to buy group refreshments at WalMart.

There are some quests that are best undertaken alone or, at the very least, with a leader. Lacking a leader, the group flounders in indecision as option after sub-optimal option is considered. One group member may make a suggestion to no comments from the group, and then the same question is posed 2 minutes later.* Having group members who explicitly abdicate decision-making doesn't actually help, and helps even less when they repeatedly and vocally plead ignorance, but are the keepers of the Guidelines From On High.

Walmart, contrary to what one might imagine, is not, in fact, a good place from which to buy group refreshments. The disposable plate and cup options, for example, are sadly lacking, as are any even remotely interesting snack options. However, Guidelines From On High specified Walmart, and who are we to argue with the Quest Parameters?**

And, then, we get to the exercise in frustration known as "the family two people in front of us requires a price check that apparently requires multiple visits to said item by no fewer than 3 employees, who appear constitutionally incapable of hurrying." Fortunately, one of them had enough sense to open another lane when it was clear that the dispute was going to take a (further) while.

In fact, two of the three of us had time to go sequentially to the Subway in the Walmart and get food,**** as it was clear that any other lunch options would make us late for class.

The ultimate success of the quest, of course, will not be known until Saturday's attendees are (or are not) refreshed.

*At which point said group member may be thinking, "I'm fairly certain I told you what I thought we should do already. You seem to be ignoring that, from which I will infer that you don't like the idea, for some reason. I will, therefore, not make any further comments."
**We totally argued with the Quest Parameters. We even ignored some of them. Autonomous Decision-making***, bitches.
***This is one of the values and goals of the program that is our academic large-scale quest.
****It is generally considered bad form to be actively eating chicken wings while directing the Subway employee in how to make your sandwich. In case anyone other than the lady in front of me in line was confused on this point.